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Monday, April 16, 2007

Sohu – Video – Sohu starts video sharing?

Sohu starts video sharing?

For background information, see the following links for video related info:


One thing I was disappointed in Sohu is its apparent lack of a youtube-like video sharing service. I felt it is extremely short sighted on Sohu’s part to not get into this business.

But I came across something interesting as I investigating some games for another article. It seems Sohu does have video sharing site. Except it is not really Sohu’s.

It actually is part of 17173.com. 17173.com is Sohu’s premier game site. Interestingly, 17173.com provides video sharing service. It has the link:


Its web site is as follows:

The graphic is self-evident. It is just a video sharing site modeled after youtube.

But why is it part of 17173.com but not part of sohu.com? It could be part of Sohu’s blog service or part of Sohu’s video service. But I went to these two Sohu channels and could’t find any youtube like video sharing service.

Does this new service in 17173 serves as an experimental platform for the real thing in Sohu.com later? But why goes through all this trouble? It is much easier just start a trial service in Sohu.com to begin with.

Or is Sohu going to offer multiple video sharing services, one for each major channel (game, news, etc.)? But why? That doesn’t sound like a smart strategy.

Or is this a case of left hand (17173.com) doesn’t know what right hand (Sohu.com) is doing?

But either way, I am just glad that Sohu is starting to get into this business. But I hope Sohu can expand this service to cover more than game video.

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