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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

China Mobile taking action to stop the mobile spamming

My last post on China’s mobile industry can be found here:


From the FMCN mess, China Mobile also apologized.



In addition, it provides some additional information that I think is very interesting for the whole Mobile Value Added Service (MVAS) industry.


I will translate in the following.

In Guangdong province, the number of customer complains had went down from 1378 cases in 2006 down to 1022 cases, or a decrease of 27%.

In the coming year, the government will emphasize on three areas for enforcement. First, IVR; second, SMS spamming; and third, un-solicited voice emails.

I think most of the SP had been nailed by SMS spamming. Therefore, I think companies like SINA, KONG, HRAY, and LTON had learned their lessons.

I am not familiar with illegal IVR and un-solicited voice emails and how much the above mentioned companies’ involvement in these two areas. Even though I don’t think the above four companies are involved, but it is something needs to keep track of.

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