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Friday, August 29, 2008

NTES – XY3 status and a TX2 movie

My last post on XY3 can be found here:

There are significant developments on XY3. First, on 8/15/2008, XY3 had a new record. It achieves a new PCU record of greater than 170k. See the following link for the official announcement:

This is significant because the jury is still out on XY3 on whether it will be a successful game. If we tabulate the statistics of XY3 ever since its birth, we would have the following table:
4Q2007 1Q2008 2Q2008 3Q2008
XY3 PCU 163k 108k 123k > 170k
XY3 ACU 53k 46k 51k

From the above table, it is clear that after going through the initial weakness, XY3 is starting to grow. It is going to have two consecutive quarters of growth.

It is especially significant that the new record happened during the Olympics where most people are concentrated on the Olympics game. It is also significant that this new record didn't come about because of a new expansion pact. As matter of fact, NTES is going to come out with an expansion pact either late 3Q or 4Q. That means it will have continued strength through the 4th quarter 2008.

I remember that the CEO of GA (Giant Online) once said that he believed in blockbusters and when a game achieved a community of 200k, this game would then become self sustaining and will then becoming a blockbuster.

I think XY3 is starting to get there.

By the way, there is a new player movie that can be downloaded. This movie illustrates how beautiful is the game TX2. Better be hurry, the download link will only be available for three more days.
TX2 Download link.

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