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Sunday, September 7, 2008

Status on Sohu’s next two games

My last post on the status of Sohu's games can be found here:

Sohu's next major game, LDJ, will enter first closed beta on 9/17/2008. See the following news:

Sohu had also opened the official game site:

I don't think Sohu will get LDJ out this year. I am guessing that we shall see the game becoming commercial in either 1Q or 2Q 2009.

In addition, there is news that Sohu will license and operate another title, JianXian. Please see the following news:

Sohu will start internal beta for this game at the end of September 2008. This game shall be in commercial operation in 2009.

In the 2Q2008 earning conference call, Sohu called LDJ as "The Duke of Mount Deer" and JianXian as "Legned of Ancient War".

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