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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

NTES – FF2 status part2 – Open Beta

Part 1 of this article on FF2 can be found here:

From the last article, it is clear that FF2 is ready by 9/9/2008. But the exact schedule will be determined by upper management for marketing reason.

NTES released another article a couple of weeks later:

From the above article, NTES set two firm dates for FF2. On 10/15/2008, FF2 will start the players’ migration from the FF1 to FF2. The official open beta will come after that.

From my previous status updates on the NTES’s games, TX2 will have official Closed Beta on 9/24/2008. XYQ and XY3 will have major expansion pact out on October and November time frame. My best guess is that FF2 will go into commercial operation (Open Beta) in late November or early December 2008.

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