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Wednesday, June 3, 2009

SNDA’s AION review – part 2. Strengths of the game

One can find part 1 of my review on AION here:

Overall, I will list the strength of the game below.

Graphically, this game is definitely the most beautiful game on the market today as far as I know (I could be wrong here because I am not a big gamer). In addition, this beauty can be played by players with only medium level computers. Any reasonable 3 years old computers can play this game with no problems. This is very important in China because a lot of Chinese players still have computers that is not quite on par with those in the States. This juggling act is extremely difficult to pull off. NCSoft pulled it off.

NCSoft pull it off by using an older generation of game engine. It also cut some corners by modeling the terrain using very little polys. But that is ok.

The sound and music of this game is very well done. The story line is epic and the quests and missions fit the story line well. While the missions and quests themselves are not ground breaking, the overall story make going through the missions and quests enjoyable.

When a player starts to play this game, the overall design of this game will get the players through the levels. It will be a very enjoyable experience for the players to level up. By the time the players become high level players, hopefully, they will start to join a clan and start the relationship part of the game. When they start to make friends, these players start to become long time players rather than just 2 or 3 months players.

There are also 2 unique features that are not available to other games. The first unique feature is the PvPvE. By introducing a third computer controlled race, it definitely adds more uncertainty to the game. The other unique feature is the flying part. Even though there is no flight specific combat system, I am sure users will figure out ways to take advantage of it. It definitely introduces something different.

Overall, as a gamer, I would call this game a very addictive and intoxicating game. SNDA had done a masterful job in marketing this game. Every Chinese game player knew of this game. This game is highly anticipated in China. This game is going to become a blockbuster in no time. But can this game last?

Finally, let me show more pictures of the game:

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