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Monday, June 15, 2009

WOW had already passed 3 fourth of the way in its approval process

One can find my previous article on WOW here:


On 6/7/2009, the operation of WOW in China was officially transferred from NCTY to NTES. NTES then start to submit to Chinese government for the approval to operate WOW.

It is required to get approval from four levels of government agencies, the Culture Department, the local level News Department, the provincial level News Department, and the National News Department.

NTES announced that it will start to operate WOW starting at the end of July, see the following:


Some Wall Street analysts doubted that it would happen that fast.

From the following article:


NTES had already received the approval from the first three departments (Beijing city News department counts as two levels of departments). It only needs one more department to go. In a period of one week, it had already gone through ¾ of the way.

It is looking more and more likely that NTES is going to start operating WOW by the latter part of June. This is definitely a good news.

Finally, for one who wants to see the official government questions and answers regard to this subject, go to the following (the link might not be there for long though):


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Anonymous said...

HenryC, apparently you know not enough on China's bureaucracy. Instead of Culture Department, it should be called Ministry of Culture. Instead of News Department, it should be called General Administration of Press and Publications (GAPP). It certainly is far more complicated than applying for a renewal in one's driver license in local motor vehicle registration office


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