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Saturday, May 30, 2009

NTES will get WOW players statistics

One can find my previous article on this subject here:

Just a quick short article before I start to write a player review for the new hot game, SNDA’s AION.

From the following article:

It is an official news release from the NTES’s WOW team that Blizzard and NCTY had reached a formal agreement for NCTY to provide all WOW players’ statistics and game data to Blizzard.

On 6/7/2009, right before WOW shut down on NCTY’s game servers, Blizzard will take a snapshot of all players’ data. Therefore, all WOW players game data (including the left over un-used game card value at that point in time) will all to saved and transferred to NTES.

Even up to a short time ago, a lot of Chinese articles assume that Blizzard can’t get players data. But just like what I had expected all these time, no matter how badly NCTY wants to cling onto WOW, Blizzard would have make sure this is stated in the contract. I never thought this will be much of an issue (contractually).

Anyway, it seems the last unknown is answered and the last troublesome spot has been avoided.

But unlike almost everybody in Wall Street, I am much more excited with NTES’s staples of upcoming new games.

Yes, NTES will make a bundle in WOW, but I think the money from WOW will pale in significance compare to that of these new upcoming games (starting with the new FF). Hopefully, I will have some free time to write about these new games.


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