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Thursday, May 7, 2009

NTES's Portal business's rebirth – part 1 – Relocation

This is the first part of a 3 part series on what NTES is doing to rejuvenate its portal business.

My previous article on China’s portal business can be found here:


In the past few years, NTES had been concentrating on web gaming. Its portal business had been neglected. Therefore, Tencent’s portal had leapfrogged NTES. NTES’s portal is only the 4th most popular portal in China.

This year, NTES is going to put major effort to rejuvenate its portal business. In the next 3 articles, I am going to detail what NTES had done in this regards:

First, they are relocating part of its portal business from Guangdong to Beijing. From the following article:


NTES’s CEO said that they are going to put major effort in its portal business this year. Its news department will be relocated to Beijing. About 100 of its employee in the news department will be involved. Beijing, being the center of China, is where all the news occurs.

To me it makes perfect sense that you put reporter where the news are. I wonder why it takes so long for NTES to do this. But this is definitely a right move.

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