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Sunday, May 3, 2009

What is NTES's new game?

One can find the last NTES’s game related article here:


A couple of days ago, NTES opens up a web site, http://xyx.163.com to announce a mysterious new game. It is just a graphic of the new game. But it is anybody’s guess which game is this. NTES will announce it in 7 days.

Lots of articles in many of China’s game portals have stories and guesses on which game it is:




All the guesses started out with World of Warcraft. Then it becomes Diablo 3. In the last day or two, the consensus had become the Starcraft 2. These three games are major blockbuster-in-waiting games made by Blizzard, NTES’s new partner.

Well, I don’t think so.

First, I captured the screen to indicate the time. The screen is below:

Note the time, it still have 60 hours from the time of announcement. I don’t think this game is any of the above mentioned major games. I believe it is a minor game call MF. Its web site is as follows:


I am pretty certain I am the only one in the world predicting MF is the game.

In three days, NTES will announce the game. If I am right, I will write a brief article on this game.

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