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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Sohu's new integrated multimedia Platform

I prepared this article about one month ago. But I miss placed this article until now.

One can find my last article on Sohu’s marketing campaign here:

From the above article, Sohu is conducting a major marketing push to inform average Chinese of Sohu’s new integrated multimedia platform.

But what is this platform. Mr. Charles Zhang, the CEO of Sohu talked about it in the following article:

It is an integrated platform consists of many components. Sohu is no longer just a portal. Sohu has many multimedia products that would entice the users.

It has the portal and blogs that can draw the users. By May of this year, Sohu will have its SNS (Social Network Service) product. All of them will be integrated.

In addition, Sohu had recently developed the HD (high definition) video channel. It includes the HD TV channel and movies. Sohu had purchased the IP right to those video contents.

Sohu’s biggest push is in the area of software applications. A major push will be in the area of Sogou Search, Sogou Pinyin Input Method, and Sogou browser.

Thus, Sohu is no longer just a portal. A portal is more like a channel. Sohu has many channels. Portal, blog, SNS, video, search, Pinyin method, browsers are all channels that an average user can use to access Sohu.

One can think of this as a spider with many legs. The portal is only one of its legs. A user can get to Sohu’s integrated platform through any of its legs (blog, video, PC applications, etc.).

It is going to be exciting time for Sohu.

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