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Friday, September 7, 2007

Quck update on WOW, TLBB, and XY3

This is a busy week. NTES's XY3 just announced they will go in commercial operation. SOHU's TLBB came out with a pretty extensive patch (not an expansion pact by any mean, but still a lot of functions were added this week).

And of course, the biggest thing is NCTY's WOW expansion pact, "The Burning Crusade" had been released in China.

This week is coming back to school week in China, we shall see significant drops in the number of users.

As of China time Friday night, there are 78 lines of users waiting in queue to try to get into WOW to play!!!

I know WOW will have tremendous growth, but for a Friday night on the first week of school night, it is extremely impressive indeed.

For Sohu's TLBB, there is a little pop Friday night from the early week. While TLBB is a little weak this week due to the back to school in China, Friday night had seen a pretty nice pop. Actually, there are more people play this Friday than a week ago. Very impressive indeed.

For NTES's XY3, there are definitely noticeable decrease in the number of users. But the amount of decrease is much less than what I expected. Of course, we won't really see the result until after 1 to 2 months.

WOW's strength is very impressive indeed considering that it is a paying game while China is flooded with free-to-play games.

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