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Thursday, September 6, 2007

Netease – XY3 – Official Operation on 9/12/2007

My last post on XY3 is all the way back from March 8th, 2007. It is linked below:

According to the official website, XY3 will go into commercial operation on 9/12/2007. The link:

Considering that right now that the summer vacation is over, NCTY’s WOW’s Burning Crusade just went on-line today (see http://news.17173.com/content/2007-09-06/20070906104528828,1.shtml ), and with all the free-loader leaving, we shall see some significant drop in the number of players in XY3 in the next two to three weeks.

On the other hands, XY3 hadn’t started the XY2 conversion yet, there shall be some significant players pickup when the conversion starts. How much? That is the thousand dollars questions!

Nobody knows how many players playing XY3 right now are the old XY2 players or are completely new players.

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