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Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Quick Update on XY3, XYQ, WOW, and TLBB

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Sohu’s TLBB is doing fine. Not much to say here except they are going to add 6 new servers going into this weekend.

NCTY’s WOW had clam down a little from last Friday. But the server count is still very strong. The Burning Crusade will definitely create higher PCU records and keep the franchise going for a few more years.

NTES’s XYQ’s new expansion pact will be out on 9/25/2007. It is unofficial yet. But I am certain it will be out around the end of September. It shall give XYQ a boost going into the fall season.

NTES’s XY3 went commercial today. NTES had stop most marketing activities for about two weeks prior to today. The promotion starts again today. NTES’s marketing had always been different, in an undesirable way, than other companies.

They are going to add 2 more servers this weekend.

As far as server count, there is definitely a significant drop in the number of users. But that is to be expected as all the free-loaders went on to other freebies.

For the first three days, the game is basically free for the players. After that, players are basically play for half price through this weekend. We shall expect another big drop on this Saturday with another smaller drop after this week.

But so far, I am not seeing what happened to DT occurring here. It is still early and the next three weeks could determine whether XY3 has legs for the long haul.

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