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Wednesday, May 7, 2008

FF2 Game Information

My last article on FF2 can be found here:


There are some user reviews on the new FF2.





At this early stage, it is difficult to tell from the user review how good this game is. Most of user complaints are something that can be solved by the developers.

Usually at this early stage, most users complain of little playability of the game. But it is to be expected because developers are concentrating on the foundation.

The above 4 links have hundreds (if not thousand) of in game graphics. At this point, the in-game graphics are expected to be incomplete, and they are. The background are sparse and the graphics in many locations are incomplete.

Any way, let me put some in game graphics to illustrate what kind of game this is:

Where one enter the game:

In some village:

One can tell the game developers haven’t build this location yet:

FF2 means Fly for Fun 2. It means the characters are usually flying:

Beautiful Building:

One can tell FF2 is catering the the young and female gamers. Its main competitors are the QQ Games that made Tencent so much money.

One can tell this game is not games based on ancient Chinese stories. The background and stories are based on western .

You will never see anything like that in any game based on Chinese mythology:

Hanging out with friends:

Everything about this game can be described as “cute”:

OK, this is all I have on FF2 so far.

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