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Tuesday, May 6, 2008

FF2 Update

My last post on FF2 can be found here:


On 2/1/2008, Ntes started the first stage closed beta of Fly for Fun 2. Any additional information had been extremely hard to find.

But I did find some information that shed some light to the status of FF2.


From the above forum posting, FF2 might come out some where around September this year. Note that this is not the announcement from the company. It is just a guess from one of the FF2 development team. It is purely based on the development progress. It is entirely possible that Ntes could delay it due to market timing.

But at this point, it does look very likely that FF2 could start commercial operation starting 4th quarter this year.

I don’t think FF2 will be a blockbuster. But I do think it is very possible that FF2 can add 5 to 10 million per quarter to the bottom line.

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