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Monday, May 5, 2008

TX2 criticism session with player representatives

My previous article on TX2 can be found here:


On 4/18/2008, NTES having a player criticism session. One can find the video of that session here:


NTES’s TX2 closed beta users elected about 12 representatives among them. On 4/18/2008, NTES paid them to come over to NTES’s headquarter to have a player criticism session with all of TX2 developer team.

In the video, the person in the green stripe shirt is the CEO of NTES. The complaints from users representatives were pretty technical. But I am pretty satisfied by the answers from the developers team. I think these complaints were solvable.

Interestingly, many other developers from NTES’s other games were present as audience.

I think this is a very good and cheap way for NTES to get its developers good ideas about real players concerns.

Typically, a session like this indicated that the game is getting ready. From the players feedbacks, none of the concerns requires NTES long time to correct.

Another confirmation that TX2 is getting ready to rock.

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