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Sunday, April 27, 2008

NTES - XYQ and TX2 Update

My last post on XYQ can be found here:

My last post on TX2 can be found here:

There are two piece of amazing news tonight.

First, XYQ just blow away its old record. On today, 4/27/2008, it had a new PCU of 2.08 million. Its last PCU record occured on 4/6/2008 and with the old record of 1.67 million. The following is the link to the official announcement:

This is just amazing. XYQ is accelerating its growth. It blows away all my expectation.

There is also an important news on TX2, the most important game in NTES's upcoming game. The following is the semi-official announcement:

TX2 had started small scaled closed beta from 2/29/2008. Now they are going to enter into large scale closed beta on 5/4/2008. In addition, they will enter "open beta" in June.

For most "free-to-play" games, open beta usually means commercial operation.

Thus, I will say TX2 will enter commercial operation either on June or July.

So far, from what I observes, TX2 had addressed most of my concerns. I am pretty certain that it will be a block buster for NTES.

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