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Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Other related TD-SCDMA news

My last post on the TD-SCDMA can be found here:


I am going to put some miscellaneous information about TD-SCDMA in this article.

From the following article:


China Mobile Communications, China Telecom and China Network Communications purchased 969M of TD-SCDMA equipment in 4Q07. ZTE accounts for 45.8% of total, Datang with 27.2% and TD tech with 14.9% of total.

A iPhone clone that is more iPhone. http://www.mobilemag.com/content/100/340/C11524/

How about an iPhone clone that can provide 3G services and have better camera than the iPhone? You think an “iPhone” that is even better than a real iPhone can sell in China? Oh, yes!

From the following news: http://tech.sina.com.cn/t/2008-04-03/07202117436.shtml

China Mobile announced that they had already build 14119 base stations for TD-SCDMA. They said within the same 8 trial cities, they had build more infra-structure for TD-SCDMA in 300 days than they did for GSM in 10 years.

From the following site: http://shanghaiist.com/2008/04/01/china_rolls_out.php

One can see that the price of TD-SCDMA services are extremely competitive. If China Mobile keeps these prices and there are no show-stoppers in the trial, given how the young Chinese considering their mobile phones as status symbol, this thing is going to explode.

Finally, let me see how can SPRD take advantage of the coming roll-out of TD-SCDMA.

They have two chips that support TD-SCDMA. The first chip is SC8800D:


It can support GSM, GPRS, and TD-SCDMA. It has a maximum download speed of 384kbps and upload speed of 128kbps. It uses a 100MHz ARM processor core.

The second chip is SC8800H:


It can support GSM, GPRS, TD-SCDMA, and HSDPA. It has a maximum download speed of 1.6Mbps. It can support 5M pixel camera. It uses a 200MHz ARM processor core.

I believe the SC8800D is out on 2004 and the SC8800H is out on 2007. At this point, China Mobile’s trial is only for the 384kbps version. Thus, only the SC8800D will benefit. But the SC8800H will benefit as China Mobile rolls out the HSDPA version of TD-SCDMA in the future.

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