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Monday, April 7, 2008

Evaluation of TD-SCDMA by Sina Tech reporter

My last post on the TD-SCDMA can be found here:


Netease and Sohu both have reports on the TD-SCDMA. Sina is of course not going to be left out. For Sina’s case, they did a video review:


One can see TD-SCDMA in action in real time. Since this is only a 5 minutes review, this is not going to be a detailed review. But seeing a TD-SCDMA phone in action provides a lot of insight that a written review can’t.

In this video review, Sina’s tech reporter talked about the five advantages of TD-SCDMA phones over the existing 2G and 2.5G phones in China.

First, the phones are multi-standards. The caller can use TD-SCDMA or the existing 2G/2.5G services on the same phone.

Second, it provides high speed internet browsing. Compare to the existing 2G or 2.5G services, TD-SCDMA behave like a broadband service (borrowing the term used for ADSL or Cable Modem). The current version of TD-SCDMA can support up to 384kbps. Sina’s reporter of course went to www.sina.com.cn for demo in this review.

Third, it has video phone feature. In the demonstration, the quality seems very nice.

Fourth, much higher multi-media capability. Now, when one wants to watch TV programs, video clips, or sounds, one doesn’t have to wait forever to download the files. With real time streaming, one can watch these multimedia programs in real time. Again, the demonstration of watching a movie in real time is very nice. The quality of the movie seems to be very nice.

Fifth, the high speed allows for high quality JAVA applications. Sina’s reporter uses the example of keeping track of stocks and stock technical analysis (in real time) as an example.

Finally, the reporter also talked about the extremely competitive pricing of TD-SCDMA announced by China Mobile.

Overall, I will have to say this review gives a glowing report for TD-SCDMA.

On a related subject that I had been keeping track of, the subject of the intense China’s portal’s video/TV war, Sina also had another video report on the TD-SCDMA trial. That video is here: http://video.sina.com.cn/tech/t/bn/2008-04-01/12093579.shtml

There weren’t anything technical about this report. But one can see that Sina is really starting to behave like a CNN or a MSNBC. Sina has really transforming itself from a text based company to a video/TV/multimedia based company.

My last post on the subject of portal’s video war can be found here:


At this point, Sina seems to be doing the best job. But with Sohu’s Olympic initiative, it is going to be a war between the two.

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