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Monday, March 5, 2007

Netease - XYQ - Accelerated Growth

It is now confirmed that we have a new record for XYQ. Again, what is surprising is not the new record, but the size of the new record.

Link: http://xyq.163.com/2007/3/5/99_171422.html

The following is the record for the last year:

Date _______ PCU ____ % from last record ___ Comments
3/4/2007 ___ 1500k ___ 11% _____________ 2007 Lantern Festival
12/25/2006 _ 1335k ___ 0.4%
12/24/2006 _ 1330k ___ 1.5%
5/28/2006 __ 1310k ___ 1.6%
4/23/2006 __ 1289k ___ 4.1%
3/26/2006 __ 1236k ___ 4.7%
3/5/2006 ___ 1180k ___ 0.4%
2/26/2006 __ 1175k ___ 3%
2/24/2006 __ 1140k ___ 8% _______________ 2006 Lantern Festival
1/1/2006 ___ 1053k

The reason for the new record is because of the Lantern Festival and the new expansion pact that just came out (see my previous post for more details).

last year's great 8% increase powered XYQ to multiple record and a great run in the first half of last year. This year's 11% increase has the potential to do the same.

The stage is set, (and we need a few more smaller new records in the next 2 to 3 months for confirmation), to show that we haven't see the peak of XYQ yet!

I think we are going to have a great 6 months just due to XYQ alone! And considering that we will also have DaTang 2, FF2, TX2, and XY3 coming up, it will be a great 2007 for Netease investors.

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