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Tuesday, March 13, 2007

NCTY - Guild War

So far NCTY had not released its PCU number for Guilds War yet. For Netease, she has also not released the PCU number for TX2 yet.

Usually, if the number is anything like 120k or 200k, the companies would had eagerly publish the number to build publicity.

If you read my previous posts, I didn't expect TX2 to be extremely popular at the beginning, but I did expect Guilds War to be very popular considering the amount of marketing NCTY had done.

I am a little surprised that Guilds War doesn't seem to do as well as I thought it would. But this is of course just my speculation at this time. We won't know for sure until the companies published their PCU numbers.

At this point, NCTY had not announced whether Guilds War would be a free-to-play game or a paying game. Could this be the case for its not-so-wonderful performance?

Any way, Guilds War is going to release its final (third) expansion pact (Nightfall) on 3/16/2007. That might give it a kick.

see link: http://gw.the9.com/news/main/56632.shtml

For TX2, it is progressing well. Every week, there are vast amount of new contents being added. It is indicating that the Netease's game programmers are hard at work. But mostly, it indicates that the game is really still in development stage.

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