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Sunday, March 4, 2007

Netease - XYQ - New record

This is now 2am US central time on March 4, Sunday (4pm China time). It is pretty clear we are going to have another PCU record for XYQ today.

It is not surprising that XYQ will have a record on China's Lantern Festival (XYQ had a new record last year on the same festival), but the scale of the new record is surprising.

Netease hadn't announced the new record yet, but from the server reading, it not just break the record, but smash the record. It is surprising that for a somewhat old game like XYQ, it still can do this in such a convincing way. It looks like XYQ still have a long way to go.

XY2, on the other hand, is slowing fading. It will be perfect timing when XY3 come on board later this year. Looks like Netease timed XY3 just right. Not too fast (XY2 is not too old) and not too slow (people completely forgot the game).

For TX2, Netease had not announced the player statistics yet. But my guess is PCU of 60k on the first date of open beta (3/1) and 70k today (3/4). It will be interesting to see what the official PCU will be.

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