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Tuesday, January 8, 2008

CNNIC Blog survey report:

CNNIC came out with a survey report on China’s 2007 Blog. To give some background, I also find its 2006 report. The following is the important part of the report:

For 2006 report, the link is as follows:


Internet user: 123 million

Blogger: 17.5 million. (14.2% of internet users)

Active Blogger: 7.7 million (44% of Bloggers)

Blog: 33.7 milion

Blog reader: 75.6 million (60% of internet users)

48.9% of Blogger are male and 51.1% are female.

Didn’t have survey result on who is the most popular blog sites. But from the report, it seems Blogcn, Sina Blog, MSN blogs, QQ blogs, Bokee Blog, Tianya Blog, Blog.com.cn, Netease Blog, Sohu Blog, Mop Blog, and Baidu Blog (in order of popularity) are the most popular blogs.

For 2007 report, the link is as follows:


Internet user: 180 million

Bloger: 47 million (27.6% of internet users), or about 170% year over year growth.

Active Blogger: 16.9 million (36% of Bloggers), or about 120% year over year growth.

Blog: 72.8 million

Didn’t talk about who is the most popular blog sites. But it implies the portals are very popular for the bloggers. It said QQ space, Sina Blog, Netease Blog and Sohu Blog are very popular.

From the report itself, it is hard to tell if portals such as Sina, Netease and Sohu are gaining market shares from the standalone blog companies. But if they grow over 120% year over year, then we know they are gaining market shares. Hopefully, they will published the year over year increase number for the blog during their next earning conference.

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