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Friday, January 11, 2008

TX2 In-game graphics

There are a little more information on TX2. My previous post on TX2 is as follows:


One of TX2’s graphic designer was interviewed. As expected, he said the new TX2 will be very beautiful. I won’t provide a translation for it since it really doesn’t add too much.

But it also provides several in-game graphics. The first link has the graphics of several game characters:


The second link has graphics for the in-game sceneries:


As you can tell, the new TX2 is going to be a very beautiful game. I will say more beautiful than WOW (World of Warcraft) and definitely more Chinese.

Of course, the big question is whether these graphic complexity can be supported by entry level computers. If average Chinese’s PC can play TX2 with this kind of graphic details without any lag or stutter, then TX2 will be an awesome game.

At this point, WOW is the only major paying-3D game in China. There are a lot of good 3d games, but they are all free-to-play games. But WOW is starting to get a little long in her tooth. It is about time there comes another major paying 3D game with game playing features similar to WOW. If that game is Chinese centric, it would be even better.

If TX2 solves some technical issues and make a lot of interesting side-quests, it could be the first new paying game that hit major in the last two years. In the time where most major hits are free-to-play, TX2 could really surprise people.

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