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Monday, January 7, 2008

Sohu starts major hires for its game division

My last post on Sohu’s games such as TL is as follows:


On 12/27/2007, Sohu starts major hiring for their gaming division. There is a total of 35 different kinds of positions they are looking for.

The details is as follows:


  1. Customer Support for TLBB. 100 positions
  2. Assistant. 3 position
  3. Database programmers. 5 positions.
  4. Game management engineer. 5 positions.
  5. 3D graphics artists. 20 positions.
  6. Graphics designers. 20 positions.
  7. Gameplaying designers. 20 positions.
  8. Game programmers. 40 positions.
  9. Linux programmers. 5 positions.
  10. QA (Quality Assurance) engineers. 40 positions.
  11. Database (DBA) management. 3 positions.
  12. Client gaming programmers. 10 positions.
  13. 3D engine developers. 10 positions.
  14. Game server management engineers. 10 positions.
  15. Game support assistant. 5 positions.
  16. Game plot authors. 5 positions.
  17. Game promotion area managers. 10 positions.
  18. Business administration support. 2 positions.
  19. Lawyers. 3 positions.
  20. Gaming market researchers. 10 positions.
  21. Ads. Designers. 5 positions.
  22. JAVA programmers. 3 positions.
  23. Web programmers. 10 positions.
  24. Game promotion department. 20 positions.
  25. Game training managers. 5 positions.
  26. Game management department. 3 positions.
  27. Personnel management. 3 positions.
  28. MIS engineer. 3 positions.
  29. Statistical Analysis. 5 positions.
  30. Client services quality control. 5 positions.
  31. Web developers. 5 positions.
  32. Anti-pirate servers specialists. 5 positions.
  33. Game analysis specialists. 5 positions.
  34. International branch product managers. 2 positions.
  35. Salesmen. 20 positions.

It adds up to 425 new hires for their gaming division.

What is most interesting is that they are adding 100 new customer supports for their existing games (TLBB and Blade Online). It is pretty clear its hit game TLBB is growing exponentially.

Sohu managers may be talking about TLBB leveling off after the 1Q2008. But their action (major hiring) is telling a different story. I think the manager is purposely talking down their success in TL during the earning conference so that they can come out with earning surprise in the future.

In addition, they must be cranking up their new game development with those 300 new game designers and programmers.

In the positive way, I think TLBB will surprise through the next few quarters and won’t level off for quite a few quarters.

On the other hands, Sohu’s expenses will go up as they starts to develop many new games.

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