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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

1Q2009 Internet advertising month to month update

One can find my last review on surveys of China's internet advertising market here:


The above article talks about results of 3 surveys. Today I find more details on one of the survey. That article provides month by month breakdown of the top 8 areas of China's internet advertising. I think that information is extremely important. One can find the article here:


One can find the plot below:

The above plot provides a 6 months trend (from October 2008 to March 2009) for the top 8 areas of China's Internet advertising market. The 8 areas are Internet Service, Transportation (it is probably Automobile), IT products, Real Estate, Fashion (Clothing), Stock Market, Communications (it is probably mobile phones), and Food and Beverage.

From the above plot, one can the general trend line. Starting out with October 2008 as the strongest of the 6 months shown in the plot, it has a dip in November 2008. But it follows with a strong increase in December 2008. It is followed by a very steep decrease in the next two months. February 2009 formed an absolute bottom. But then it is followed with a very strong pick up in March 2009.

There are some anecdotal evidences that April is even stronger. If that is the case, we probably had already passed the bottom of the V shape for China's internet advertising market.


ajoykt said...

The dip in Jan/Feb is probably
related to the decreased traffic
from the Chinese New Year holiday.
Not to the GDP decline.

HenryC said...

Ah, Great point. I forgot about it completely.

Look at it again, I do think seasonality has more of an effect than general economic decline.

A said...

Any thoughts on factors specific to Sina that would explain their low ad guidance?


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