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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

DT – NTES is going to re-start DT’s development

The last article on NTES’s game development can be found here:

DT was a game that NTES pinned a lot of hopes on. Unfortunately, when it is commercialized in 2006, it was the time when free to play games were the new trend in China. As a paying game, it floundered soon after commercial launch.

Let me provide a quick timeline of DT.

It is a 2.5D MMORPG martial art game. It is in-house developed and its game engine is in-house developed also.

NTES pinned a lot of hope on it. On 5/31/2006, it went into open beta. During open beta, it achieved a PCU = 160k. It was a tremendous achievement. But because it was a paying game when free-to-play games were all the rage at the time, by the time of commercial launch on 7/19/2006, it’s PCU has crashed down to 30k.

Worse yet, its PCU keeps on crashing. On 5/9/2007, NTES gives it one more chance and came out with an expansion pact. But it did little to regain old glory. Afterward, NTES completely stopped any development on the game.

For two years, there are absolutely no new content that were developed for this game. The gamers left in drove. This game is left for dead.

Given all the new games NTES is developing, including DT’s sequel, DT2, it is surprising that NTES re-started DT’s development. More details can be found from the following article:

On 4/8/2009, DT is going to come out with its 2nd expansion pact. This new expansion pact is just the beginning of many new development to come.

DT is going to be rejuvenated from its death bed.

It is clear NTES is going to fill every niche in China’s gaming market. All of these new major games will pretty much come out at about the same time frame. All of these new games are going to be coming out in the next few quarters. If I have time, I am going to provide a summary of all of NTES’s new games.

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