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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Rumor: Sina got a new President in charge of Weibo

One can find my last post on SINA here:

At this point, a lot of articles in China are talking about this news.

Jack Xu had been appointed as the co-President in charge of Weibo. Jack Xu is currently the Vice President in charge of World business for Cisco. Before that, he had been the Vice President in Ebay as well as the Chief Technology Officer for NTES.

Clearly, he had excellent resume.

But for the short term, more interruption and direction changes for Weibo.

If I have time, I will talk about Weibo in the future.

If I ask you, how much will China's equivalent of twitter, CNN, Fox News, New York Time, Washington Post, LA Times, .... combined and add a pinch of Facebook cost? That shall be how much Weibo cost. In a future post, I will tell why Weibo is so popular and why it is filling a function for China that Twitter and Facebook can only dream off.

It is going to be a long write-up, so I will do it when I have some free time.

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