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Wednesday, February 4, 2009

China’s video and music web site survey

My previous article on video can be found here:


On 1/21/2009, Analysys International published a survey on the most popular video and audio web sites for China』s internet café users. The article can be found here:


The following plot list the market share of all the major video web sites for China』s internet café:

From the above plot, one can find the market share number for all the major web sites:

Todou: 46.8%

Youku: 44.3%

56: 10.2%

Ku6: 9.0%

QQ Video: 7.5%

Tencent Broadband: 5.1%

6: 4.2%

Youtube: 3.3%

Sina: 3.2%

Sohu: 2.1%

Analysys Internation also performed the survey for the most popular music web site frequented by China Internet Café users:

From the above chart, one can get the market share data for the major music web sites:

Bidu Music: 57.4%

QQ 163: 16.6%

Sogou Music: 12.8%

Gougou Music: 11.8%

From the above survey results, one can make some observations. For videos, it is basically a 2 horses race. Todou and Youko dominates. Tencent is coming on fast. Its two services (QQ video and Tencent broadband) together accounts for 12.6%. Since it is being pushed by its powerful QQ internet messaging service, there is no doubt its market share will keep on climbing.

Youtube is a non factor in China. China』s other portals, Sina and Sohu, are also non factors.

But I don't think China』s video war is over by any means. Running a video sharing web site is very costly business. At this point, no video web sites are making money. Given the global financial crisis, those non portal players are vulnerable for bleeding cash too fast. It will be interesting to see how this battle play out.

For the music business, Bidu dominate because it is the dominant search engine in China. Tencent is doing well because its can use its powerful QQ internet messaging service to push any services it wants. Sogou music search is strong because it has very good reputation among Chinese users.


Anonymous said...

Henri, are you from China or are you a research animal from USA? For instance, I saw you mentioned that Sogou has a good reputation in China. Where does your insight come from? If you check ChinaRank Sogou's traffic is at the same level as Google.cn. Very interesting in my opinion. Plus they have that browser now. Games, browser, portal, search, real estate. If search gains traction SOHU stock could really move.

Web user base in China is becoming sooo massive. 400 mil right around the corner.


HenryC said...

Thanks for your insight on Sogou's traffic.

I planned to do 6 or 7 articles on Sogou when I have free time.


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