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Friday, February 23, 2007

Netease - DT - New Expansion Pact

DaTang is the disappointing new game from Netease. Its new expansion pact is going to be released in a period of about 4 weeks. It is going to be break up into two parts and each part is going to be released in two weeks.

The first part of the new pact is released on 1/16/2007. It is to be released on two servers only. If no major bugs were detected, it will be released to the rest of the servers next week. The second parts of the expansion pact will be released next.

The link that provides the details of the nine major functions on the first part of the expansion pact:

The second part of the pact comes out over two weeks, on 2/6/2007, and 2/13/2007, the info:

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