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Tuesday, February 27, 2007

NTES - TX2 - Video

Stock market in US and China crashed today. But I am not really worried. I don't think this is a long term phenomenon.

I also don't think much about that disastrous conference call. I don't think Netease ever had a good conference call. So, nothing new there.

I think the success of TX2 has much more effect than any conference call or any short term general market correction.

TX2 is going on real open beta on 3/1/2007. Let's see what TX2 is really like:

Official trailer (right click and save):

This trailer is 6 months old, the custume and graphics had changed completely since this trailer was out. Today is the day before open beta and NTES hadn't had a more recent trailer out yet. This speaks volume about how little they cared about marketing!

Anyway, it is just an official trailer and it is pretty. But it really doesn't offer much insight to us investors.

However, there are many fan made video. When players play the game, they captured the the game-play real time. Then they made a production out of these captured video.

These fan made video provides great insights to us investors because they show us the game in action.

Note that not all player have great computers, some computer don't play with all the eye-candies on. This creates video degradation. The act of video capture also create video degradation. The composition of the final video from different pieces also create video quality degradation. After the video is made, it is compressed so it can be of a small size to be downloaded. This creates video degradation.

In a nutshell, just remember these video don't represent the quality of the real TX2.

The fan-made movies (right click and save):

Righteous and Evil: http://www.dwcq3.com/down/TX2_video.avi

Tide: http://www.t4y.cn/shiping/chaoliu.rar

LinYiu Village:

YunLu (Castle in the Sky): http://xyqu.com/video/yunlu_final1.wmv

Have fun evaluating the game.

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